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How can we raise our immune system? Are there substances that are helpful in strengthening it? Let s find out in this video! Let s keep in touch: Subscribe to the channel: [ 🔗 klik‼️ ] and activate the bell! Who I am: I am Alberto Zippo and I am an all-round wellness enthusiast. In this channel I express considerations and experiences regarding: - healthy nutrition, - natural personal care products, - sustainable training. Everything I post on this channel is intended to create greater knowledge and awareness in those interested in the above topics. To contact me, click in the Details area within the About section (viewable only in PC mode). A hug Alberto Zippo The information expressed by yours truly is purely experiential. They are simply my opinions derived from my own experience, which I gladly share for the sole purpose of providing food for thought, in the certainty that you will reason with your head and make your own decisions! What will be said is NOT intended as therapeutic advice or otherwise intended to replace professional medical advice and should not be considered as health or personal advice. Therefore, any food choices made based on the information disclosed are intended to be your personal responsibility. #albertozippocultoredelbenessere #immunesystem #immunitarydefense :::: Bezoek mijn YouTube-kanaal @ Alberto Zippo - Cultore del benessere ( [ 🔗 klik‼️ ]] )

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