History of the Class 487 ~ Londons Strangest Underground Trains (Obscure Offerings Ep. 11)

The Class 487s were unusual little EMUs that ran on the Waterloo u0026 City Line from 1940 to 1993; that s a service life of 53 years. This line was run as a branch of the mainline rail network from its opening in 1898 right up until April 1994, when it finally became part of the London Underground. In this video I ll be explaining the history of these unique units, as well as briefly discussing the trains that replaced them in 1993. These were sets of 1992 tube stock (initially designated as Class 482 by British Rail). (Image Credits): 6089Gardener (Flickr) 74009 (Flickr) Adrian Nicholls (Flickr) Aec Southall (Flickr) Brian Creasey (Flickr) Bob Hoskins (Flickr) Daniel Wright (Flickr) Chairman Pip (Flickr) Chuck Zeiler Citytransportinfo Clive Barker (Flickr) Gary Benjamin (Flickr) GFW Rail Photos (Flickr) J.J. Smith John Atkinson John Carter (Flickr) John C. Earwicker (Flickr) John H. Meredith (Flickr) John Upton (Flickr) Jonathan Francis (Flickr) Jonathan Hazan (Flickr) Jonathan Martin (Flickr) Kris Davies (Flickr) Mark Bowerbank (Flickr) Martin Coles (Flickr) Martyn Hilbert (Flickr) Matt Taylor (Flickr) Michael J. Collins (Flickr) MKT Transport Photography (Flickr) NL Transport (Flickr) Ron Fisher (Flickr) Sparegang (Flickr) Southern Reg (Flickr) SV1XV (Flickr) Tim Abbott (Flickr) Thameside 287 (Flickr) Treflyn Lloyd-Roberts (Flickr) Western SMT (Flickr) Wimvantklooster (Wikimedia Commons) (Information sources): Brian Hardy collection London Transport Museum Southern Railway E-mail Group The Railway Wikipedia :::: Visit my YouTube channel @ The Trainspotter From Tauranga ( [ 🔗 Click ‼️ ] )

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