Operator Chavos support for Narges, a nomadic woman suffering from heart disease

Narges, a poor nomadic woman, faces heartbreak as her pregnancies end due to heart disease and genetic disorders. Sajjad s disappointment leads him to take a second wife, leaving Narges in an unstable marriage. Ali confronts Sajjad, revealing his betrayal. Ali s sympathy and support bring comfort to Narges in their shared grief. Karim, Narges and Sajjad s cousin, recognizes his past mistakes and now offers help to Narges and Sakineh, his wife, who also suffer from their husbands betrayals. Karim s assistance aims to help Narges overcome the hardships of life, especially during the challenging winter season. Operator Chavo provides crucial support to Narges, a nomadic woman battling heart disease. Recognizing her vulnerability, Operator Chavo offers assistance and care during her difficult time. His support proves invaluable in helping Narges navigate the challenges of her health condition. Through his actions, Operator Chavo demonstrates compassion and understanding, providing a lifeline for Narges in her struggle. His presence brings comfort and hope to Narges, #nargis _ #heartdisease #plerd #nomadicfanatic #Nomadlife #twowives #mentalillness #mentalhealth #chaver #Chavil #familydrama #nomadicmovement #taraz #bigamy #familysupport #incident #doora #deoora #dena #tir #peren #peren # sabliz :::: Visit my YouTube channel @ TIRL ( [ ๐Ÿ”— Click โ€ผ๏ธ ]] )

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