🌟 [ 32 ]   Simon Sinek on the Keys to a Great Relationship [ @Motivation In My Veins ]

In This Video, Simon Sinek believes that great relationships are based on three elements of compatibility: intellectual, emotional, and sexual. Intellectual compatibility involves teaching and learning from each other, emotional compatibility involves vulnerability and growth together, and sexual compatibility involves creativity and attraction. Sinek argues that having just one or two of these elements can result in a good relationship, but having all three is necessary for a great relationship. He also notes that circumstances play a role in relationships, and sometimes even with all three elements in place, external factors can prevent a relationship from working out. Sinek acknowledges that he has dated people who may not have all three elements but were still amazing people. This Powerful Motivational And Inspirational Speech By Simon Sinek, Who is a motivational speaker, author, and leadership expert. He is best known for his TED Talk and book, Start with Why, which emphasizes the importance of understanding the why behind one s actions and decision-making processes. Sinek has written several other books on leadership, including Leaders Eat Last and The Infinite Game. He has also worked with organizations such as Microsoft, Ernst u0026 Young, and the United States military to help them improve their leadership and communication skills. Sinek s work focuses on helping individuals and organizations create meaningful connections and build trust with their colleagues, customers, and communities. He is known for his engaging and insightful speeches, which inspire audiences to think differently about leadership, communication, and the power of purpose. _ #simonsinek #motivationalspeech #motivationvideo

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