🌟 [ 26 ]   6 Apri 2024 आज की मुरली | Aaj ki Murli | Todays Murli | BK Murli | 6-4-24 [ @BK Usha Madhuban ]

RajaYoga Meditation Classes Usha Naik, is with Brahma Kumaris since 1974, Implementing the spiritual teachings and practical meditation, She experienced a great change, and realizing the benefits, she dedicated herself. At present, she is based at the Global Headquarters of Brahma Kumaris. She is A Rajyoga Meditation Teacher, A Management Trainer, A Motivational Speaker, A Spiritual Counsellor, An Author and A T.V Personality She is a friend, philosopher and guide for many around the world. She has done research on the great epics of India, “Ramayana” and “Bhagwad Gita” Her guidance encourage people to overcome mental stress, anxiety, addictions, low self-esteem, Her lectures are on YouTube, and T.V. in Hindi and English, She is awarded with Hall of Fame award by the Public Relations Council of India in 2012. She was invited by the Thailand government and awarded with Moral Award 2019 and a Peace Medal. Recently in September 2019 she was awarded and honoured in Los Angeles, USA with the prestigious award G.O.D award, The Global Order of Dignitaries by the Princess of Philippines as Ambassador of Spiritual Wellness. Brahma Kumari Usha is a Senior Raja Yoga Meditation teacher and a Management Trainer of the Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya based at the global headquarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. With her innate qualities, capabilities and Supreme Father s blessings she has focused her strength and specialty into a meaningful channel. In fact, she is a practical example of Applied Spirituality . #bkusha #Madhuban #Murli #brahmakumaris #ShrimadBhagwatGita #Aajkimurli #Todaymurli # #peaceofmind #meditation #amritvela #brahmakumaris #selfmanagement #happiness #viral #body #health #spiritual #love #power #motivational #lifestyle #relationship #happy #patience #shivani #sarita #powerful #Rajyoga Meditation #Dr.Sachin #RajuBhai #BkRahul #GamdeviBk #Narayan Reiki #Satsang-Parivar #OmShantiRetreatCentre #W .

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🌽야마토🏓릴게임다운로드💚바다이야기릴게임💤릴게임다운로드💋릴게임다운로드🙆손오공릴게임🐠오션파라다이스다운로드🌲야마토게임무료다운받기‍📺 整蛊👻精选:今天不咋饿呀 【第2回スイカゲーム最強決定戦】このゲームの頂点は一体誰だ!【スイカゲーム】【Suika Game】 ทำไมไขมันไม่ลด ทั้งที่ไม่กินของทอด Love Me Movie Review  Review [KBS1 라디오] _이웃과 함께 사는 방법을 고민하다 [복지리더 아카데미]_20240522
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🌟   4     बहुत ही कमाल का तरीका है 😱घर की सारी टूटी-फूटी चप्पलों को चिपकाएं बिल्कुल नए जैसा जो चलेगी सालों साल

🌟   4     V Neck पर Trending Jali Vali Lace लगाने का तरीका |V Neck Me Joint Lace Kaise Lgaye |Lace Kaise Lgaye

🌟   4     4000 watt Class D amplifier repair करने का आसान तरीका सीखे

🌟   3     Facebook की video डाउनलोड करना #ytshorts #shorts #vijayshortsxyz

🌟   7     UP Board कब आएगी मार्कशीट? कैसे मिलेगी? क्या डाउनलोड होगी? 10th 12th Marksheet 2024 Download? News

🌟   9     ओरिजिनल गेम Download कहां से करें डाउनलोड करो और कमाओ लाखों का महीना

🌟   7     बिना इंस्टाग्राम डाउनलोड किए कैसे अकाउंट बनाए । Bina Instagram download kiye account kaise banaye


🌟   4     सिर्फ आधार कार्ड नंबर सपना राशन कार्ड कैसे डाउनलोड करें ऑनलाइन l ration card download online 2024

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