🌟 [ 28 ]   PROMO: Kismat Ki Lakiron Se | Shraddha का नया इम्तेहान | Shemaroo Umang Tv Show [ @Hindi TV Serial ]

PROMO: Kismat Ki Lakiron Se | Shraddha का नया इम्तेहान | Shemaroo Umang Tv Show | Hindi Tv Serial Show Synopsis: Shraddha and Keerti, two sisters with contrasting personalities, face various ups and downs in their lives as fate plays a major role in their destinies. Set in Kanpur, the sisters come from a humble family with supportive parents. Shraddha s wedding is fixed with Varun, a young man from an affluent joint family in Kanpur. Varun, however, falls for the younger and more attractive Keerti. On the wedding day, Varun secretly arranges for goons to stall Shraddha while she returns from the saloon. As a result, to save face, Shraddha s parents get Keerti married to Varun. Once Shraddha returns, the families feel duty bound and get her married to Varun s cousin Abhay. The new couples embark on their marital lives - Keerti as a spoilt wife who does not conform to the rules of the household and Shraddha as the dutiful wife and daughter-in-law who is in an awkward marriage with the earnest yet jobless Abhay. Several misunderstandings and arguments later, Abhay and Shraddha form a strong bond both standing up for each other and eventually falling in love. Meanwhile, everyone in the family becomes aware of Keerti s dishonest and rude ways. Show Name : Kismat Ki Lakiro Se Star Cast: Shaily Priya Pandey (Shraddha), Sumati Singh (Keerti), Abhishek Singh Pathania (Abhay), Varun Sharma (Varun), Dolly Kaushik (Aarti), Khushi Rajpoot (Yashvi Dixit) reator : Rashmi Sharma Language : Hindi Theme : Romantic Drama #KismatKiLakeeronSe #shemarooumang #Hinditvserial #नयाहिंदीएंटरटेनमेंटचैनल #शेमारूउमंग #shraddha #Varun #हिंदीएंटरटेनमेंटचैनल #हिंदीचैनल #shemarootv #fullepiosde #drama #todayepisode #नयाहिंदीचैनल #keerti #Abhay Follow us on: Youtube - [ 🔗 क्लिक करें‼️ ] Facebook - .

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Free Fire วิธียิงหัวในสกิลโครโน่ ! แจกโปรฟีฟายล่าสุด GRINGO XP V13 ตายออโต้!? รีบดูก่อนโดนลบ!!! Build for success degree collage : PALI KINGS VS JAINPURA Aaj Ka Rashifal LIVE: Shubh Muhurat สอนเล่นทีมกายภาพ และ เทคนิคการจัดทีมสายกายภาพที่ไม่มีรีเจ้นท์ Magic Rush Heroes うらみちお兄さん 『うらみちお兄さん』BD発売決定! OP/EDノンクレ版も公開 ...


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