The Most Expensive Cars in the Transformers Movies

The top 10 Most Expensive cars in the Transformers movies. Cars have always played a critical role in movies and in most cases, they make those movies instant classics. And while most car flicks are like Ford v. Ferrari or Fast u0026 Furious, the Transformers franchise takes a fun spin on things. Obviously, in the Transformer movies, the cars can transform themselves into cool robots. As such, not only do the Transformers need to be cool, but so do their alt modes. But obviously looking good comes at a price. A huge 1 at that. We re talking millions of dollars that the average TF fan would never see even if they lived their lives 3 times over. Its crazy that these characters always manage to select the most expensive cars on the vehicle market. I mean if we re looking at things from an in universe perspective it could easily be explained that the Autonimus organisms needed to scan up Earth s most used form of transportation to increase their chances of survival. But that s not how things work in the real world. Those sexy and sleek machines aren t gonna appear outta thin air. They re gonna cost you a pretty penny. Thankfully the transformers films had some of the biggest automakers in the world hoping for a spot in these massive box office successes. And today we ll be ranking the robots who had the most expensive car forms. 0:00 Intro 1:11 Expensive Alt Modes?! 1:49 Top 10 13:38 Outro most,expensive,cars,in the,transformers,movies,top 10 transformers cars,the most expensive cars in the transformers,most expensive cars in transformers,top 10 expensive cars,most espensive cars 2023,transformers cars 2023,top 10,transformers youtube today,expensive cars of 2023,cars of 2023 :::: قم بزيارة قناتي على YouTube @ RandomBlackGamer ( [ 🔗 [انقر أدناه للعب اللعبة. ] ‼️ ] )

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