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Plot summary, “Glory Over Everything” by Kathleen Grissom in 6 Minutes

Glory Over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House is a novel written by Kathleen Grissom. It was published in 2016 and serves as a sequel to her debut novel, The Kitchen House. Glory Over Everything continues the story from The Kitchen House, while also functioning as a standalone novel. The narrative is set in the early 19th century and follows the character Jamie Pyke, who is the son of a white plantation owner and a slave. Fearing for his life after a violent incident, Jamie decides to reinvent himself by assuming a new identity and living as a white man. Under his new identity, Jamie becomes a successful silversmith in Philadelphia. However, when he learns that his childhood friend, Pan, has been captured and is facing a life of slavery in the South, Jamie is compelled to risk his own freedom to save him. His journey takes him back to the South and forces him to confront the past he has tried to leave behind. Glory Over Everything addresses themes of identity, family, friendship, and the legacy of slavery. The novel explores the complexities of Jamie s dual identity and the challenges he faces in a society divided by race and class. It also delves into the deep bonds that connect people, even across lines of privilege and hardship. Kathleen Grissom s writing is known for its historical detail and its exploration of personal and societal struggles. Glory Over Everything provides readers with a thought-provoking and emotional journey, while shedding light on the historical context of slavery and the lives of those affected by it. It s worth noting that while Glory Over Everything is a sequel to The Kitchen House, it can be read independently, as it follows a different set of characters and events. :::: בקר בערוץ היוטיוב שלי @ Сliff Notes ( [ 🔗 קליק‼️ ]Сliff Notes )

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