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The Dive | Twitter Hot Takes & Mark is a Battery Acid Barista

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Hellllooo Dive fans. After a SPECTACULAR week 1 of Spring 2023, we re back with a jam packed episode. We ve got your patch notes, we ve got your twitter hot takes, we ve got a story about Mark drinking battery acid. This episode has everything! Tune in to find out what champions you need to be spamming in soloqueue RIGHT NOW to get that free LP. (spoiler, AD bruisers) Then Azael brings a new game where he has Mark u0026 Kobe rate YOUR twitter hot takes. Let us know what you think of that segment and maybe we ll bring in more viewer submitted kinda games to the format. Thank you for all your twitter questions, we know that s what makes the show great u0026 love the hot takes you threw our way. Also if you re doing Anchor.fm questions . please turn your microphone on . Spring Split continues at Thursday at 2PM Pacific, 5PM Eastern with CLG trying to keep their momentum going as they face the reigning champs Cloud9. See you there! 0:00 Intro: what we liked u0026 didn t like from the start of the split. 02:59 Mark hops on a soapbox to talk about how the LCS will approach engaging segments 7:54 Aphromoo announces retirement, he was a legend by any metric. 12:10 PATCH DISCUSSION: A massive patch; Yuumi is dead, Lucian Nami flat nerfs, items feeling better overall. Lots to be excited about! 21:22 PATCH CONTINUED: Champions to be on the lookout for, Black Cleaver is a must build u0026 Mark loves Lillia buffs. YOU HAVE NO MANA PHREAK u0026 who survived the patch. 41:02 Azael s game: Twitter Hot and cold takes: Mark and Kobe have takes colder than icebergs and hotter than the Earth’s core (thanks for the Twitter submissions!) 48:47 Surprising start for TSM, FlyQuest u0026 Prince off to a hot start 58:07 Does Impact have one of top 5 best careers ever over the course of League of Legends? 59:16 CLG stock going up, DIG stock going down, C9 looking hot (is it Fudge or K’Sante?) 01:09:36 100 Thieves, a neutral take, also Entertainers vs Tras .

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