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🌟 [ 16 ]   LI100 Family Garden: Front & Vegetable (Virtual Metaverse Show) @Boston MA USA @anhubmetaverse2457 [ @Anhub Metaverse ]

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In the heart of our abode so sweet, Where the sun and rain often meet, Lies a family garden, a tranquil delight, With love and life interwoven so bright. Front and backyard, a verdant domain, Where vegetables flourish, free from restrain, Three egg-chickens dance in the morning s embrace, As they share in the bounty, a joyful grace. Amidst the green, the birds come to play, A symphony of songs, a charming display, They join in the chorus with laughter and cheer, A tapestry of sounds, enchanting and clear. An apple tree stands, its branches held high, Bestowing its treasures neath the cerulean sky, Cherries abound on a tree so strong, Each fruit a memory, a melody, a song. Beside it, a peach tree, a solitary sight, Yet its single fruit brings pure delight, A symbol of patience, resilience, and grace, Teaching us life s lessons in its quiet embrace. Though the plum tree stands, its branches bare, It teaches us patience, life s burdens to bear, For nature s rhythm, in its ebb and its flow, Teaches us lessons that make us grow. Diverse vegetables thrive in the sun s warm embrace, Shanghai baichai and kale interlace, Tomatoes and peppers burst forth in a riot, A tapestry of colors, a vibrant and bright. Amidst this beauty, people come together, Sharing stories and dreams, in any kind of weather, Hearts intertwined with the soil and the land, Nurturing connections, hand in hand. A garden of health, of peace, and reprieve, Where natural wonders inspire us to believe, In the simple joys, in the love that we give, A recipe for a life well-lived. As the years unfold, like pages in a book, May this garden flourish, with every nook, A testament to life, to love, and to care, A place where we find solace and share. With each passing day, a story is spun, A tale of a family, beneath the golden sun, Living a life so rich and serene, A glimpse of a future, vibrant and green. So let us celebrate this haven so fair, A place where we find solace and air, A family garden, a .

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🌟 Sat, 02 Dec 2023🌟

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