🌟 [ 23 ]   3 min trick that works better than 60 min of practice [ @Jon MacLennan ]

Discover the 5 easiest and fastest ways to play the blues scale anywhere on the neck with this FREE PDF GUIDE[ 🔗 Click ‼️ ] There’s so much information out there nowadays for learning guitar. But most of it is a bunch of horse pucky. That’s why in this post I want to share with you a 3 min trick that works better than 60 minutes of practicing. I’ll be applying this trick to soloing. But, it can work for becoming a good rhythm guitarist as well. (I’ll save that for another lesson.) Here’s the thing… Most guitarists don’t really want to spend years training to become professional musicians. I mean who would? Wouldn’t you rather just be able to play like one without all the agony and mindless practice? In fact, the majority of my students in my programs are older players who don’t want to join a band. They just want to be able to sit at home and play some good solos (perhaps with a backing track). They don’t have time to sort through all the nonsense online. And don’t want to stay up late at night wondering if they’re doing it right. Or if they will ever get to where they want to go. But let’s take a look at most of the garbage you’ll hear out there to do this… Learn 5,000 pentatonic patterns Modes Arpeggios with a metronome until you’re blue in the face Here’s the truth. You could practice all of those things for 10,000 hours and your solos will still suck GUARANTEED. But think about this… Have you ever learned a really good lick, played it, and thought you sounded cool right away? It sounded like music was coming from your fingers… Chances are you have. (If you’ve been playing for a few years.) And you’ll notice that this all happened without you having to think about what scale or mode you were playing out of. Now, maybe you’ve filled in your theory knowledge and can identify the scale or whatever. But, this doesn’t make you better at playing the lick, or make it sound any better .

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🌈 🔎 3mintrickthatworksbetterthan60minofpractice 🌈

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