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Lao Food || How to make Larb Fish || Mince Fish || ລາບ ປາ Learn how to make delicious Larb This easy recipe! Larb Fish is a traditional Thai dish packed with flavors of fish, herbs, and spices. Follow along as we show you the step-by-step process to create this flavorful dish in no time. Perfect for a quick and satisfying meal, this recipe is a must-try for seafood lovers and anyone looking for a simple yet tasty dish. Watch now and impress your family and friends with this quick and easy Larb Fish recipe! To make Larb Fish, you will need minced fish, lime juice, fish sauce, chili flakes, lemongrass, banana flowers, coriander leaves, mint leaves, and rice powder. Start by cooking the minced fish in a bowl and add Hot water to the rest of 5 minute. Add lime juice, fish sauce, chili flakes, chopped lemongrass, and banana flowers to the bowl. Mix everything together until well combined. Next, add in some fresh mint leaves for a burst of flavor. Mix it all together one last time. Sprinkle some rice powder on top for a crunchy texture and extra flavor. Your Larb Fish is now ready to be served! Enjoy it with some fresh lettuce leaves or sticky rice. Thanks for watching! Don t forget to subscribe to our channel for more easy and delicious recipes. #food #viengxaylaoodisha #howtomakelarbfish #mincefish #ລາບ ປາ FOLLOW US ON :- Instagram : [ 🔗 ຄລິກ‼️ ] Subscribe to our YouTube channel: [ 🔗 ຄລິກ‼️ ] Facebook: [ 🔗 ຄລິກ‼️ ] Your Queries:- how to make mince fish how to make larb how to make fish larb raw larb fish how to eat raw fish how to make larb fish recipe @PrakashViengxayOdisha @AmericaruKhati @NowinLao @AnchorSubham1 @YoutubestarDillip

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🌟   9     ເພງ/ຮັກສາວທະຫາໄໝ່/ໂຕ:ສອນອາໄພ/เพลง:รักสาวทะหานไห่ม/โต:สอนฮาไพ

🌟   5     ເພງ: ແມ່ນ້ອງບໍ່ມັກຮັກກັນໄດ້

🌟   14     ເພງ: ຍິງຄົນສຸດທ້າຍ

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🌟   16     ເພງ.ຄົນຮັກປງ່ນໃຈ.ນ້ອຍ ເພັດຜູ້ໄທ/เพลง คนรักเปลี่ยนใจ น้อย เพชรภูไท

( 10 ໜ້າ ) :: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ▶️ ⭕️

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