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Master the Pronunciation of Lamentável Which Means unfortunate - which means : Regrettable;Causing Sorrow or Disappointment;Unfortunate. with @HTPronounce- [Your Guide to Portuguese] Learn to pronounce Lamentável perfectly in Portuguese with our easy and engaging tutorial by @HTPronounce!In this comprehensive video, we provide you with native speaker examplesand phonetic breakdowns to ensure you get the pronunciation just right. How to say Unfortunate in Portuguese Whether for travel, business, or pleasure, our guide is your key to mastering Portuguese pronunciation. We make learning fun and effective, helping you sound like a native in no time. If our video helps you, don t forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to @HTPronounce for more pronunciation guides in various languages. Click the bell for regular updates! Explore new languages with us! Have a specific word in Portuguese or another language you want to learn? Drop it in the comments – we love requests! #LearnPortuguese #PronounceLamentável #PerfectPronunciation #LanguageLearningSubscribe here: [ 🔗 klik‼️ ]

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