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Mi método para alargar el tiro de un pantalón desde la entrepierna. Cualquier pantalón tela y largo.

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Lengthening the shot of a pair of pants is a delicate task. The garment must not lose the configuration (shape) with which it was designed. However, there are always unavoidable consequences that must be taken into account: The first and most obvious is that the garment will shorten the legs the same centimeters that we raise the shot. The second, and I think the worst, is that the waist and hip measurements that correspond to the garment will not be preserved. Fortunately, these problems are usually solvable. In the channel there are several tutorials that point to both topics. After thoroughly studying the problems to be solved, I designed a method and today I want you to know it and put it into practice. It is a method that can be used in any pants. It doesn t matter if it s a lady s or a gentleman s. Nor the type of fabric with which it is made (elastic or rigid). And, fundamentally, it is independent of the number of centimeters that we need to lengthen the shot. My method aims to keep all measurements, except those already mentioned, of the garment. In this tutorial I show you the system step by step giving two simultaneous examples: a men s denim pants (jean) and a basic one, for women, made exclusively, as an illustration, with the measurements of the mannequin. I want you to appreciate the differences. The fabric (in quantity and shape) to add to the garment in the crotch is exclusive to each pant. A rhombus, triangle or any fabric format cannot be placed in a general way because it will not respect the design of the garment. It will deform it. Fast fashion is polluting our planet. We must learn to reuse our clothes. A job well done takes time.

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Predict your fortune today : Apri la porta ed esci da un posto così felice. Possono essere costretti a cogliere un altro fiore con le ginocchia. Se i pappagalli non si rompono, si romperanno le ginocchia e dovranno soffrire per sopravvivere. Il denaro rimane la fonte del problema. Interessanti anche le opinioni degli innamorati e delle coppie. Ci sono dei pericoli in questo viaggio verso nord, quindi fai attenzione. Se hai una buona bocca, dovresti vedere il tuo stomaco.

🥇 Lucky Number : 6 9 2

🌈 Lucky Color : verdura


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