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LIVE: Cities Erupt in Celebration After Biden and Harris Win 2020 Election

(Nov. 7) Americans gathered spontaneously on street corners and front lawns - honking their horns, banging pots and pans, starting impromptu dance parties - as an agonisingly vitriolic election and exhausting four-day wait for results came to an end on Saturday morning.

And for all that joy, there was equal parts sorrow, anger and mistrust on the other side.

Just after The Associated Press and other news organisations declared that former Vice President Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump, fireworks erupted across the country.

People waved Biden signs from balconies and banged pots and pans.

But across America on Saturday morning, it was mostly the Democrats taking to the streets in jubilant displays, celebrating what was to them an end to four years of constant crises, chaos and anxiety.
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