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-- Forecast a dram --

What did you dream about last night? Try to predict your dreams.

🔸 Dream about 3 dogs 🔸 Dream about your crush 🔸 Dream about kissing someone 🔸 Dream about bees 🔸 Dream about blood 🔸 Dream about vampires 🔸 Dream about 100 dollar bill 🔸 Dream about xenomorph 🔸 Dream about intruder in home 🔸 Dream about murdering someone 🔸 Dream about rain

4 reasons of Humans dreams

1. Past events or spiritual powers unintentionally determined to dream itself. It is often a fairly reliable dream.
2. Goddess Came in and inspired to dream without thinking before It's a dream that is often come true.
3. The mind thinks itself as thought or intended Make dreams about the subject that they want It is an unreliable dream.
4. Unusual body shaking Sickness, physical and mental, makes fantasizing without knowing it, it is a absurd dream.

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 Free Download :: TextMe: Easy Add Text to Photo & Image App

⭐️ HOME ⭐️ TAROT ⭐️ Dream

?? Thu, 29 Feb 2024??

?? ?? ??
If you cover your ears, close your eyes, do not know and listen to anyone well. Who will speak his mouth? There is often a headache that follows. Money problem is the first problem that needs to be solved. Convenient way to love affairs Travel up the south May face some dangers. Be careful about your own health. Don't overdo it.

?? : 9 1 7

?? : Chocolate



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