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Behind the first-ever Experiential Metaverse: Eduroids- Ms NNeha Arora Thapar

#abaagekya , Step into the world of corporate excellence and leadership with the seasoned and accomplished CEO of Eduroids. With multi-year corporate experience at the top management level, she brings a wealth of expertise and a keen understanding of the market curve to the table. #eduroids #metaverse Eduroids is truly fortunate to have her at the helm, with her brilliant conceptualisation of experiential learning, thus bridging the gap between education and corporate demands. In this exclusive video, hear from the CEO herself, as she shares her invaluable wisdom and inspiration for individuals looking for career success. It s like gaining insights from the captain of the ship, a unique privilege to glean insights from a visionary leader who believes in nurturing talent and fostering a community of achievers. Eduroids is paving the way for dreamers to become successful doers! Embark on a transformative journey towards career success. Join Eduroids- the first-ever experiential metaverse today and discover the power of practical domain-specific exposure with the guidance of an industry trailblazer. :::: Visit my YouTube channel @ EDUROIDS ( [ 🔗 Click ‼️ ] )

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🌟 Sat, 23 Sep 2023🌟

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Predict your fortune today : Time teaches us to be strong. Do not take a lot of people. Be careful someone takes your name to impersonate you. High taste but low income May have serious problems. Love story Still thinking too much by myself. It is not necessary, do not travel long distances as well. Poor health, upset stomach This pain here every time.

🥇 Lucky Number : 4 6 8

🌈 Lucky Color : LightGrey


It is a card that represents a love relationship that has happened to the destiny. Or at least it means friendship and reconciliation with friends. This card also means that the destiny has to decide between one or the other, such as one person, job, one of two, etc.

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