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Cyclone Michaung LIVE | Cyclone Michaung To Hit Andhra,Tamil Nadu Coast As Severe Storm

Cyclone Michaung LIVE | Cyclone Michaung To Hit Andhra,Tamil Nadu Coast As Severe Storm | N18L Coastal districts of northern Tamil Nadu and southern Andhra Pradesh are bracing for heavy rains as the deep depression over the Southwest Bay of Bengal is expected to intensify into a Cyclonic Storm Michaung in the next 24 hours, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Saturday. The cyclonic formation, according to the IMD, is likely to continue to move northwestwards and intensify further to reach off the south Andhra coast by December 4 noon. #andhrapradesh #cyclonemichaunglive #tamilnadu #englishnewslive #cnnnews18live #news18live n18oc_india :::: Visit my YouTube channel @ CNN-News18 ( [ 🔗 Click ‼️ ]] )

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Free Download :: Casting phone screen to TV
 Free Download :: Casting phone screen to TV

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Predict your fortune today : There has to be a bargain and chaos with many people. Promises with each other have changed. Some money is easy, but some still have to wait. Love those who love us So as not to have to suffer like this. Travel long distances, be careful, both sick and dangerous. Having good luck but still far away.

🥇 Lucky Number : 3 9 1

🌈 Lucky Color : SaddleBrown


Especially those who got this card were women. In the horoscope area, you will find happiness and comfort. (But must also look at the surrounding position as well Because he who has a lot of sword cards To be comfortable, probably long enough) For the man who has this card in the horoscope will find it associated with a noble woman to help. Called the fortune This card also represents pregnancy. But if asked if he would get a man or a woman For this card, it will focus on women.

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