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TIME LAPSE - Learn How to Draw and Paint LOVE GNOMES with Acrylic - Fun Beginner Painting Tutorial

PAINTING VIDEO DESCRIPTION – This is a time-lapsed video, you can watch the full-length version here: [ 🔗 Click ‼️ ] Are you a beginner painter? Want to learn how to paint with acrylics? Looking for an easy Valentine’s Day painting idea? Let me be your acrylic art instructor as I teach you easy step-by-step instructions throughout this fun beginner art video as you learn how to paint this surreal springtime landscape with adorable characters “Love Gnomes”. Gary and Gretta were Highschool sweethearts. After graduation and going their separate ways for college where Gary got his degree in Bingo and Casino Management and Gretta studied to become an Art Therapist and Professional Cuddler, the two suddenly met up by happenstance at a Taylor Swift concert near the hot dog stand outside Gate B on level 4. It was like magic as they both tried ordering the double stuffed gouda cheese waffle dog with extra chili at the same time and the two have been inseparable ever since. After many years of marriage, the two are still very much in love and continue to celebrate Valentine’s Day with much excitement. Trips to romantic cities such as Las Vegas, Venice, and Paris, surf n turf dinners, chocolates imported from Switzerland, couple’s massages, Go kart racing, Escape Rooms, and plenty of red roses. In this romantic painting, these two love birds are blissfully galloping on their way to Cirque Du Soleil for Valentine’s Day. Having just finished a delicious desert of a brioche bun filled with pistachio ice cream, Gary buys a red rose form a vendor before the show starts. A romantic fairytale love story, Gary and Greta can warm the hearts of many. So, join me and capture the essence of love that these two life mates possess. You ll learn simple drawing and painting techniques that will help you to create this heart-felt image of cute little gnomes racing across a field of flowers and roses. Hearts float and surround the lovers as they gaze blissfully into . :::: Visit my YouTube channel @ Michelle the Painter ( [ 🔗 Click ‼️ ] )

[ Press the play button below to watch. ]
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Predict your fortune today : If you continue to let go, it may sink before landing. Fame is often taken to pretend to hurt the mind later. Money comes with only money. Spouse lovers still speak easily and hard to listen to. Travel in a hurry Be careful. Poor health, upset stomach This pain here every time.

🥇 Lucky Number : 1 2

🌈 Lucky Color : AliceBlue


This card represents the joyful lifestyle. Have fun Without being interested in the surrounding situation or in the future Therefore, the person who receives this card is rarely able to find certainty in life. Will have travel Travel Or having an exciting adventure Has started And ready to try new things.

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