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George Soros Forgives A $312 Million Dollar Loan To Trump!

World News Report Today May 6th 2023! George Soros Forgives A $312 Million Dollar Loan To Trump! If the media really wanted Trump taken down why would they leave this stone un-turned? You better ask youself! Did George Soros free Donald Trump of a $312 million debt? In 2005 Trump started construction on his skyscraper the Trump International Hotel and Tower To build the tower, Trump received a loan from Deutsche Bank for $650 million Trump also received a $160 million mezzanine loan* from a group of private investors including George Soros, Fortress Investment Group and Blackacre Capital (The loan was estimated by the Wall Street Journal of having a total value as high as $360 million with accrued interest) By October 2008 Trump had sold nearly $600 million in condo and condo-hotel units, more than half of the total value of all the units in his tower After seven years (2005-2012) Trump was on his way to paying off his main construction loan to Deutsche Bank For reasons unexplained to the public, the majority of Trump’s mezzanine loan was quietly forgiven by the loan’s original lenders No media outlet covering the deal has put together the pieces and told the public that George Soros let Donald Trump off the hook for what has been valued between $82 and $312 million in debt Why would Soros give what amounts to a massive debt relief to Trump during a financially successful period in Trump’s life? Are these men friends, enemies or business partners? We have come across information related to a long and bizarre financial deal between Donald J. Trump, George Soros, Fortress Investment Group and Blackacre Capital, a deal discovered by following a specific on-going money trail and likely partnership between these entities. In 2005, when Trump began financing the construction of the tallest residential tower on the North American continent the Trump International Hotel and Tower (Chicago), he needed more than just the basic loan he had received from Deutsc . :::: Visit my YouTube channel @ World News Report Today ( [ 🔗 Click ‼️ ] )

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